The end of summer...
How about this summer?
Could you get long holidays?
I went to see a live "Summer Sonic 07" last month.
I was excited!!
Have you made good memories?
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my present situation
How's everything??
It's getting hotter and hotter, isn't it?

I will go to Indnesia as an exchange student in this August to end of February.
Now I'm busy preparing for new life. For example, getting the visa,getting the room, making a bank account, and so on.
I know it is neccesary to start new life in foreign country, but too hard for me!!
I'm pressed for time.(>_<);;

Please let me know how you are getting along, everyone. ★☆★

by kirari
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Did you watch "THE DA VINCI CODE"?
I watched the movie at the first day.
There ware a lot of people.
It's impression is here.
The story was very difficult!
Are you going to watch it?
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Hello!! I'm....
I'm kirari.
Nice to meet you,everyone.

I'm a graduate student of civil engineering.

I feel nervous to use English, but I'll do my best in this blog.

I use sometimes English in my blog↓
Most important things is "ENJOY" , I knew .
But It is hard for me to use English...

I want to many friends in this blog.

Thank you :-D
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Long time no see. I'm watalucky. I had gone back my hometown in GoldenWeek. I went my high school, and saw tennis club. Because I wanted to meet my teacher.

We talked many things. After talking, he refreshed me. G.W is very very good holidays for me!!
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About my homestay plan
We were planning to go to England on August.
But we can't go there.....
It can't be helped.
I want to go to England sometime.

But I'm going to go to Wien on May! f0074338_17374631.jpg
I love Gustav Klimt's Picture.
I will see many his Picture.
I'm looking forward to the trip.
# by g-loop | 2006-04-18 17:38 | 英語で投稿!
I will go!!
I want to go to England over summer vacation. I'm going to stay at British house with my english teacher. I haven't been to England. Do you have any advice for me?
First of all, When I say about 'イギリス', How should I say? England? Britain? U.K?

by pretty_kitten
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Japan lost! It's such a bad news for us, but at the same time, I'm very happy to know Ichiro's new character. I enjoyed anyway. The next WBC will be held 3 years after. How can the WBC and Japan be changed?
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Nice to meet you!


I'm pretty_kitten!

This picture is my cat. She is cute,isn't it?

I'm study English,but I'm not good at English.Please teach me!

I love Movie.

My Blog is "Impression of Movie". Please come to My blog too.

I want to go to travel abroad on this year.
             (↑on? in? over?)

…umm.. English is difficult.
I can't write anything
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Olympic skating
f0074338_0362090.jpgIt's so exciting to see the Olympic skating.
All the ladies look so great and beautiful,
and powerful at the same time.

Fumie Suguri said she was impressed by a phrase
she saw at an airport in Italy, "Passion lives here."

I want to be passionate to enjoy my life, too!
# by g-loop | 2006-02-23 00:36 | 英語で投稿!